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2016 January - June

Huffington Post Greece - June 30, 2016: Reclaim: Η εκστρατεία της Huffington Post για να δοθεί τέλος στη μάστιγα της σπατάλης τροφίμων

Yummy Mummy Club - June 30, 2016: Don't Be A Produce Poser: The Ugliest Fruits Make The Sweetest Crumbles

Huff Post Deutscheland - June 29, 2016: Die neue HuffPost-Kampagne "Reclaim" widmet sich dem Kampf gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung

UPROXX - June 29, 2016: This Petition For Walmart To Sell Ugly Fruit Is Gaining Serious Traction

HuffPost Rise - June 29, 2016: Walmart's Ugly Produce Problem *Video

Huffington Post - June 29, 2016: Food Crusader Battling Walmart Could Emerge Victorious - With Your Help

Sustain The Future - June 29, 2016: What Is Ugly Fruit And Why Should We Be Eating It?

HuffPost Brasil - June 28, 2016: Reclaim! HuffPost cria uma campanha para acabar com o desperdício de comida

Le Huffington Post (France) - June 28, 2016: "Récupérons": contre le gaspillage alimentaire, voici la nouvelle campagne du "HuffPost"

L'Huffington Post (Italy) - June 28, 2016: Vi presentiamo 'Riconquista', la campagna organizzata da HuffPost per porre fine al flagello degli sprechi alimentary

Huffington Post - June 28, 2016: We Waste an Insane Amount of Food - Here's What You Can Do About It

Resource Recycling Magazine - June 16, 2016: Celebrating Imperfection - June 8, 2016: This Food Trend Isn't Pretty - And That's The Point

MISFIT Juicery - May 30, 2016: Meet the MISFITs - Jordan Figueiredo

Merca 2.0 (Mexico) - May 26, 2016: Sexualizan a vegetales feos para venderlos en nueva campaña - May 25, 2016: This Penis-Shaped Eggplant Is The Star Of A Brilliant Farmers Market Ad Campaign

INSIDER - May 24, 2016: "Ugly Food" Is Having A Moment - Here's Why You Should Be Eating It 

Inside Scoop SF - May 23, 2016: CUESA's New Ad Campaign Will Change How You Look At Eggplants Forever

CBS News - May 19, 2016: Activists Look To Get Cosmetically Rejected Produce Sold In Stores*Video(aired on many local U.S. stations)

Khoollect (U.K.) - May 1, 2016: Khoollect's Hotlist of Eco-Conscious Instagrammers

Huffington Post UK - April 30, 2016: Ugly Fruit and Veg That's Beautiful Inside​*Video

Ecocentric - April 21, 2016: Fighting Food Waste with Ugly Fruit and Veg Founder, Jordan Figueiredo

Like Mag (Germany) - April 18, 2016: Revolution im Supermarkt: Deshalb wirst Du ab sofort nur noch bei Penny einkaufen

Vegy Vida- April 6, 2016: Ugly Veggies a Mother Should Love

be Waste Wise - April 3, 2016: An Interview with Jordan Figueiredo About What the Fork are You Doing with Your Produce? Campaign

TIME For Kids - April 1, 2016: Ugly, But Tasty

Sustainable America - April 1, 2016: Food Rescue - Now There's a Map For That

be Waste Wise - April 2016: The 2016 be Waste Wise Influencers - March 16, 2016: The Beautiful Story Behind An Ugly Victory

The Fresno Bee - March 14, 2016: "Ugly" Produce No Longer a Misfit

Triple Pundit - March 11, 2016: Whole Foods Promises to Sell ‘Ugly’ Fruits and Vegetables

TakePart - March 10, 2016: Could This Be the Food-Waste Diet America Needs?

A Plus - March 10, 2016: Whole Foods Will Sell 'Ugly' Produce In A Handful Of Its Stores In California To Help Curb Food Waste

Delish - March 10, 2016: Would You Buy Produce That Looks Like This From Whole Foods?

Think Progress - March 9, 2016: This Major Grocery Chain Just Signed On To Selling ‘Ugly’ Produce

Shape - March 9, 2016: Ugly Fruits and Veggies Are Coming to Whole Foods

Food Republic - March 9, 2016: When Did Ugly Produce Become So Fashionable?

RetailWire - March 9, 2016: Whole Foods plans to buy funny looking fruits and veggies

Sustainable Brands - March 9, 2016: Love for 'Ugly Fruit and Veg' Slowly Growing in the U.S., But Food Waste Fight Still Needs Steam

Food and Wine - March 8, 2016: Whole Foods Is Experimenting with Ugly Fruits and Vegetables

Grub Street - March 8, 2016: Whole Foods Has Struck a Deal to Sell Ugly Produce

FORTUNE - March 8, 2016: Your Fruit at Whole Foods Is Going to Get a Little Uglier

Philly Voice - March 8, 2016: Some Whole Foods, Giant Eagle Stores selling 'ugly' produce at reduced prices

NPR - March 7, 2016: From Ugly To Hip: Misfit Fruits And Veggies Coming To Whole Foods

Yahoo News - March 4, 2016: These 8 Bizarre Food Instagrams Are the Opposite of Food Porn

Chatelaine - March 3, 2016: Good gourd! Produce so ugly it’s beautiful

Konbini - February 23, 2016: Why You Should Shun Supermarket Perfection And Buy More ‘Ugly’ Fruit And Veg

BBC (U.K.) - February 18, 2016: Would you turn down a wonky vegetable?

Green Living AZ - February 10, 2016: Sustainability Solutions Festival Returns to ASU 

Resource (U.K.) - February 4, 2016: Ugly Customers

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast (U.K.) - February 4, 2016: Series 3, Episode 6

Al Jazeera (U.A.E.) - January 29, 2016: Diverting Unwanted Food to Meals for the Poor

Marketing Del Bueno (Colombia, Panama, Venezuela) - January 28, 2016: The Ugly Fruit and Veg: lo Feo También se Come

Our Green Nation - January 22, 2016: Why Eating Ugly Produce is Good for You....and the Planet

Fine Dining Lovers (Italy) - January 20, 2016: Ugly Fruit and Veg Captured on Camera

UC Food Observer - January 20, 2016: New Assistant Editor, Dietarry Guidelines, End Food Waste - January 19, 2016: Five Unsavory Food Waste Myths

Ghana Class - January 13, 2016: This Instagram account wants to give ugly fruit and veg some love

Gigantic Idea Blog - January 4, 2016: Ugly Food Grabs the Spotlight in Fight against Food Waste 

Menaiset (Finland) - January 2, 2016: Kolme hyvää syytä suosia käyriä kurkkuja

Freedom Farms - January 2016: Ugly Fruits and Vegetables ​​

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