The Travels of Berry J Strawberry

​​​​Here's an Orange with lines in it that look like a basketball. This may not be like the smooth oranges you have seen before but it's actually just as good. And, like a basketball, this orange is fun, isn't it?

​​​​​Have you ever worn a ring before? Well, oranges can get rings too! It actually happens a lot. I've seen this so many times on oranges at the farmers market. And every orange I've eaten with a ring was delicious and, hey, the ring makes a nice target for where to start peeling!

​​​​​Have you ever wanted to be taller? I always wanted to be over six feet when I was younger (and I didn't quite make it). At the farmers market, Berry found a pear that wasn't quite tall enough for the supermarket shelves. But there is nothing wrong with this pear, it was actually delicious!

Berry Goes To The Farmers Market!

​​​​​Have you ever noticed that not everyone is shaped the same? Some of us are taller or shorter. Some of us are wider or thinner (my favorite desserts have certainly helped me get wider as I've gotten older). Well, just like people, apples aren't always shaped exactly the same and that's how they grow in nature, different and special, just like us. And these two different apples Berry found were just as good and delicious as supermarket apples.

​​​​​Do you have or know someone that has freckles or moles? I have them and so does Berry! And at the market, we found this apple with spots that look like cute little freckles on top! These spots or freckles doesn't make them any less of an apple, does it? They're just as delicious as apples without freckles. 

​​​​​​Look at that - it's a little birdie that's living inside this orange. And while some might call an orange with a mark on it "ugly" produce, it's perfectly fresh, nutritious and delicious! Just like the apples, oranges and pears above and other "different" looking fruits and veggies, it really is what's on the inside that counts! Now that Berry knows that too, he wants to go to the farmers market all the time since it's like a treasure hunt for unique and awesome fruits and veggies! Berry also started telling his favorite supermarkets they should to start selling "ugly" or different looking produce too! 

Thanks for reading and thanks for doing your part to love all produce and people!



​​​​Have you ever had a boo-boo or a scar before? I have some scars (a few that won't ever go away). Berry found an apple that has a cool scar that looks a little like wings! And scars or boo-boos don't make apples (or people) any less good. Some say they actually bring more character. My scars have certainly brought me more character!

​​​​​Hi Everyone, I want you to meet my friend, Berry. He's a strawberry that's not shaped like a strawberry that you would usually see. But that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with him. Berry is actually just as good as regular strawberries from the supermarket.

You see, fruits and veggies growing outside get bumps, scrapes and dents all the time because of weather like wind, rain, hail and sun. Things caused by nature, just like rocky soil causing veggies to twist. Imperfections that are perfectly natural and good. And for fruits and veggies, it's what's on the inside that counts anyways. So, recently I took Berry to the farmers market to show him; and this is what we found: