From October 15th through October 18th, 2014, experts and implementers came to Berkeley and Oakland, California from 16 states and 7 different countries to elevate the dialogue around food waste.  As Jonathan Bloom, said "If the food waste movement is gaining steam in the U.S. then these events will be it's Woodstock."  There were filmmakers (for the U.S. premiere of Just Eat It), governments of all types, materials management haulers, consultants, associations, non-profits, food rescue groups, students, grocers, restaurants, academics, and volunteers, all with the goal of zero food waste. To top it all off, we held the first Feeding the 5000 in North America. 

Click here for the events and people that made what really did turn out to be the "Woodstock of Food Waste" happen and spark a food waste revolution in the U.S.

Watch a great video of Feeding the 5000 Oakland by Fabian Aguirre, sponsored by FoodShift.

The Zero Food Waste Forum

The concept of the Zero Food Waste Forum is to follow the food recovery hierarchy that looks for highest and best use for extra food first. The hierarchy tells us that preventing wasted or extra food in the first place has the biggest impact, then saving extra food for those in need is next best followed by feeding animals with extra food (or scraps), and the last step in a "Zero Food Waste" system would be for compost or anaerobic digestion with no landfilling of food or food scraps. co-chaired the first ever Zero Food Waste Forum with Dana Gunders of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) on October 16, 2014 in Berkeley, California.

For more on the first Zero Food Waste Forum, please click here and for all other Zero Food Waste Forum events since then, including Austin and Phoenix, please click here.


The trailer to the award winning documentary Just Eat It. which had its U.S. Premiere at the Zero Food Waste Forum!

I work on various events (whether consulting to help or planning and implementing) to help end food waste and hunger. The following are the events I've worked on, helped managed and implement. Events