Prevent Food Waste Before the Plate

LeanPath is a business that has been fighting food waste for over a decade with cutting-edge technology that helps prevent waste before we even receive the meal.  They even have a more affordable and accessible mobile version of their industry-leading food waste prevention software.

E.P.A. Food Waste Assessment Tools: Click here for a range of basic tools to help you prevent food waste before it hits the plate or shelf.

Smaller Portions: Are you noticing that many of your customers are throwing away a good portion of the meal?  Research has found that Americans throw away approximately 18% of their meal on average.  One way to solve this food waste problem - offer different portions sizes for different appetitites.

Reducing Wasted Food & Packaging by the E.P.A.

Reducing Wasted Food and Packaing: A Guide for Food Service and Restaurants is a great guide that was recently developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help businesses prevent food waste.  The guide displays a range of tools, tips, and best practices to help your food service business find what will work for you to fight food waste.

Fight Food Waste

food waste prevention at your business

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure isn't just an old saying, it's the truth.  Prevention is the best way to fight food waste.  There are many great ways to prevent food waste at your place of business, here's some of our favorites: