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2015 July - December

Sustainable America - December 30, 2015: Top 5 Food Waste Trends of 2015 

The Food Rush (U.K.) - December 23, 2015: Ugly Fruit and Veg - The Fun Side of Food Waste

Epicurious - December 17, 2015: Ugly Food Was Hot Stuff in 2015

PCMA Convene - December 15, 2015: A New Kind of Food Chain (Greece) - December 3, 2015: 12 «άσχημα» φρούτα και λαχανικά λένε «όχι» στη σπατάλη τροφίμων

Tree Hugger - December 2, 2015: 12 More Ugly Fruits and Vegetables to Put a Smile on Your Face

Metro Canada Press Reader - December 1, 2015: Activist Jordan Figueiredo Redefines the Shape of Fruit and Veg Waste

The Toronto Star (Canada) - November 30, 2015: Helping the Planet by Loving Ugly Vegetables

Huffington Post - November 27, 2015: The Ugly Fruit Movement is Taking Off

Washington Post - November 25, 2015: Bizarre Food Sites to Bookmark for Thanksgiving (and every day, who are we kidding)

Far & Wise - November 25, 2015: Eat More Ugly Fruit (+Veggies)

Fed Up and Drunk - November 25, 2015: Ugly Fruit and Veg Own the Internet with this Beautiful Instagram Account

Healthline - November 24, 2015: Wasted Food Is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

New York Times - November 23, 2015: Getting Ugly Produce Onto Tables So It Stays Out of Trash

Delfi (Latvia) - November 23, 2015: 'Kroplīgi' augļi un dārzeņi tikuši pie spēcīga aizstāvja

Huffington Post Japan - November 22, 2015: かわいい? 不気味? 奇跡の"不揃い野菜"を集めたインスタグラムが人気(画像集)

Detik News (Indonesia) - November 21, 2015: Akun Instagram Ini Unggah Foto Sayur dan Buah yang Bentuknya Jelek

Metro Belgie (Belgium) - November 20, 2015: Lelijk fruit en groenten zijn ster van dit Instagramaccount


Huffington Post UK - November 19, 2015: 'Ugly Fruit and Veg' Instagram Account Reminds Us to  Stop Wasting Food in a Hilarious Way

Корреспондент.net (Ukraine) - November 19, 2015: Фотографії "овочів-мутантів" підкорюють мережу

Хартыя’97 (Belarus) - November 19, 2015: Овощи и фрукты причудливых форм стали интернет-хитом

Bести (Russia) - November 19, 2015: Пользователь "Инстаграма" показал красоту уродливых овощей

Metro (U.K.) - November 18, 2015: This Instagram Account Wants to Give Ugly Fruit and Veg Some Love

Ilta-Sanomat (Fin) - Nov 11, 2015: Rakastelevia porkkanoita ja munakoisolla terhakat rinnat epämuodostuneet kasvikset hämmästyttävät

Oliver Russell - November 10, 2015: Produce Only Mother (Nature) Could Love

Delicious Living Magazine - November 2015: Out of the Wasteland (Mexico) - October 19, 2015: Utilizando Instagram Para Combartir el Desperdicio de Alimentos

El Diario (Spain) - October 14, 2015: Este tío quiere que nos comamos la comida de los cerdos. Por el bien del planeta.

Noticias ao Minuto (Portugal) - October 10, 2015: Quem Disse que os Alimentos Têm que ser Bonitos para Serem Bons?

Ozy - October 3, 2015: The Man Who Uses Ugly Fruit to Make Us Stop Wasting Food *Video

Rustik Magazine - October 3, 2015: The Inner Beauty of Ugly Produce

Waste Dive - September 30, 2015: Wal-Mart, Whole Foods Urged to Sell "Ugly" Produce, Reduce Food Waste

FOX Business - September 29, 2015: Walmart & Whole Foods Targeted for Produce Waste

The TODAY Show - September 25, 2015: The Ugly Truth About "Ugly" Fruits And Vegetables *Video

The Fab Life Show - September 25, 2015: Get Ugly Fruit Back in Stores with the Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign *Video

Mind Body Green - September 25, 2015: The "Ugly" Fruits + Veggies are Actually the Cutest Things We've Ever Seen

Food & Drink Magazine - September 23, 2015: A Case of the "Uglies"

The Doctor OZ Show - September 17, 2015: Why You Shouldn't Toss Bruised Produce

Waste360 - September 16, 2015: The Future of Composting and Organics Recycling

Los Angeles Times - September 8, 2015: In Produce, Ugliness is Only Skin Deep

AOL Rise - September 2, 2015: We're Wasting Too Much Food Because We're Superficial

1 Million Women - September 1, 2015: The Uglies and the Rise of Wonky Produce

A Plus - August 31, 2015: Ugly Produce is Storming Social Media. Is Your Grocery Store Next?

Financial Post (Canada) - August 31, 2015: How Canadian Grocery Chains are Tapping a New Market with ‘Ugly’ Fruits and Vegetables - August 27, 2015: #WhatTheFork: "Ugly" Fruits and Veggies are Storming Social Your Grocery Store Next?

Upworthy - August 26, 2015: Guess How Much Produce is Thrown Out Because it's Not Pretty Enough for Us as Consumers? A Lot

New Hope 360 - August 26, 2015: How One Activist Got 30,000 People Thinking About Food Waste

Australian Business Insider - August 20, 2015: The 'Ugly Fruit" Instagram Shows The Hideous Produce is Often Oddly Humanoid

Think Progress - August 19, 2015: Selling Ugly Fruits and Vegetables Could Be Key to Solving America's Food Waste Problem

Sustainable Brands - August 19, 2015: Petition Asks Walmart, Whole Foods: What the Fork are You Doing with Your Produce 

Tech Insider - August 19, 2015: Beneath This Silly Instagram Account is a Harsh Reality About How We Waste Food

The Salt Lake Tribune - August 18, 2015: Campaign Takes on the "Ugly" Truth About Fruit and Vegetable Waste in Utah and Beyond

Meatless Monday - August 10, 2015: Talking Ugly Fruits and Vegetables with Food Waste Hero Jordan Figueiredo

Huffington Post - August 7, 2015: Eat Hideously Ugly Produce if You Care About the Planet

Tasting Table - August 4, 2015: This Thing Now - @UglyFruitAndVeg on Instagram

She Knows - August 4, 2015: 10 Adorably "Ugly" Fruits and Veggies You Should Definitely Still Eat

Food Tank -August 4, 2015: 250 Must Follow Twitter Feeds for Every Food Activist

CBS Washington, D.C. - August 3, 2015: #WhatTheFork Challenges Grocers to Sell "Ugly" Produce

EcoSeven (Italy) - July 31, 2015: Brutto ma buono: salviamo tutto il cibo

Investopedia - July 28, 2015: Whole Foods and Wal-Mart Urged to Embrace Ugliness

Image Magazine (Ireland) - July 27, 2015: #WhatTheFork Celebrates "Ugly" Veg in Bid to End Food Waste  

Rewire Me - July 27, 2015: #WhatTheFork Aims to Save Ugly Fruit and Veggies 

KCRW Good Food - July 25, 2015: Worried About Food Waste? Embrace Ugly Fruit*Recorded radio interview

Alternet - July 24, 2015: The Movement to Stop Food From Being Wasted Is Booming

Learn Bonds - July 23, 2015: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and Whole Foods Market, Inc. Urged to Sell "Ugly" Produce at a Discount

Huffington Post Impact - July 22, 2015: #WhatTheFork Whole Foods and Walmart? It's Time to #LoveUglyFood

CBS SF Bay Area - July 22, 2015: Walmart, Whole Foods Urged to Sell  "Ugly" Produce at a Discount 

Tree Hugger - July 21, 2015: Who You Callin' Ugly? Join the Campaign to End Food Waste Now!

The Sexy Politico - July 21, 2015: Imperfect Produce: Can @UglyFruitAndVeg #besexy?

Refinery 29 - July 18, 2015: #WhatTheFork Wants Us To Love Ugly Veggies and Fruit 

Food and Wine - July 17, 2015: Join the #WhatTheFork Campaign and Help End Food Waste

TakePart - July 17, 2015: Sanitation Worker Challenges Whole Foods and Walmart to Stop Trashing Produce

Honey Colony - July 11, 2015: Ugly Fruits and Vegetables on the Upswing in America

GEV Magazine - July 11, 2015: Addressing the Little Known Problem of Food Waste

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