Who Have We Petitioned to Help End Food Waste?

Most of my petitions have focused on getting major supermarkets to sell "ugly" produce in a program. Due to the success and following of my Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign and the lack of movement at supermarkets on this issue, that is why I continue to focus here. Thank you to everyone who has supposed our petitions.

Thanks to you we've seen a lot of progress in the U.S. and are now hoping to influence grocers abroad as well. The following is a list of our petitions, past and present:

Whole Foods Market(U.S.)

In July of 2015, we launched our first petition which included Walmart (because "ugly" produce should be for all types of supermarkets). Find out more about this huge first victory in the #LoveTheUgly Movement in the U.S.

Walmart (U.S.)

In March of 2016, we launched a separate petition to Walmart all by itself. This petition garnered the most attention of any one we've launched. Find out more about this effort, which included a petition delivery to Walmart HQ! 

Target (U.S.)

In August of 2016, we opened our third supermarket petition, this one to Target. While Target has yet to make a move, we think this petition, and a program at Target still make a lot of sense for everyone. Click here to find out why Target should #GetUgly.


In March of 2017, we launched our fourth petition, this one to the large supermarket chain Albertsons.  With over 2,200 stores under the same name or with any number of their subsidiaries including Safeway, Albertsons could make a sizable dent in this problem.  Find out more about the petition and press for Albertsons to #LoveTheUgly here. 

Sobeys (Canada)

In April of 2017, we opened our first international petition. This time, the petition was for the second largest supermarket chain (and its many subsidiaries) Sobeys. With two successful pilots we're now asking Sobeys to #BringUglyBack and commit to selling "ugly" produce full time.

Petition Delivery

On Tuesday, August 22nd, I delivered the petition to Albertsons at their Pleasanton, California offices. You can view the short delivery message on the Facebook video below.

Petition Somebody!

to stop wasted food and hunger

Do Petitions Work?

I'll be the first to tell you - petitions do work!  Whether it's petitioning a local supermarket to donate their extra food or petitioning a large company to change their wasteful policies, petitions do have an impact.  Find out more about my experience here or start your own petition here for the U.S., here for Canada, or here for Australia.