Global Citizen - February 20, 2017:‘Instagram Has Done to Food What Porn Has Done to Sex,’ Says American Celebrity Chef Alton Brown (The Arizona Republic) - December 13, 2017: Food waste: Ugly fruits and veggies stay out of the trash thanks to these unusual pioneers

be Waste Wise - December 12, 2017: “So much attention is paid to what’s wasted in the home when companies get a free pass for doing anything.” – A Q&A With The Ugly Fruit & Veg Campaign

Ecocentric - November 28, 2017: 10 Instagrammers We Love (and You Should Too!)

Moms Across America - October 6, 2017: Learn to Love Ugly Fruit

A Cup Of Jo - October 5, 2017: 8 Great Instagram Accounts

Innovators Magazine - October 1, 2017: Ugly Veg Shall Go To The Ball

El Diario (Spain) - September 24, 2017: Ugly food: fruta fea y deformada, pero igual de buena 

HuffPost Deutschland (Germany) - September 23, 2017: Schöne Karotte, hässliche Karotte - Diese Menschen bekämpfen den Vegwerfwahnsinn in der Lebensmittelindustrie

KARE11 Minneapolis - September 5, 2017: Save Money With Ugly Produce

Still Good. Stop Wasting Food - September 5, 2017: Meet the guy buying ugly fruit and veges that you pass over

FruitNet - August 24, 2017: Albertsons Pressed To Go Ugly

Redwood City Patch - August 21, 2017: Eat Ugly - Real Food Porn

Cause Artist - August 9, 2017:5 Easy & Practical Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste

The Food Rush - August 3, 2017: Ugly Fruit and Veg: The Fun Side of Food Waste

Brownfield Ag News - July 25, 2017: Ugly Fruits and Vegetables are A-Okay

Living the Country Life - June 10, 2017: #LoveTheUgly Fruits and Vegetables

Global Citizen - June 5, 2017: 13 of the Best Ugly Fruits & Vegetables That Are Still Perfectly Good

Eat North (Canada) - May 19, 2017: Bringing ugly back - the fight on food waste

be Waste Wise - May 16, 2017:2017 be Waste Wise Pioneers List

The New York Times - May 2, 2017: Going Digital to Rescue Food

America Retail - May 2, 2017: Canada- Sobey’s should commit to selling ugly produce

Daily Hive - May 1, 2017: Major Canadian grocery chain asked to #LoveTheUgly fruits and veggies

Castanet (Canada) - May 1, 2017: Bring on the ugly produce

CTV News Vancouver (Canada) - April 30, 2017: Petition to bring 'ugly' produce to Sobeys subsidiaries reaches 11.5K signatures

TreeHugger - April 27, 2017: Canadian grocer Sobey's should commit to selling ugly produce, once and for all

Modern Farmer - April 12, 2017: The Ugly Fruit and Vegetable Campaign Takes on Albertsons

The List TV - April 12, 2017: Help Save the Planet by Eating Ugly Produce

World Changers - April 7, 2017: Ugly Fruits and Veggies Still Taste Great

Maximum Yield - March 31, 2017: Urban Gardening: Top Feeds To Follow on Twitter

Zero Waste Living - March 17, 2017: Zero Waste Cause Spotlight

The Portland Press Herald - March 7, 2017: It isn’t pretty, but ‘misfit’ produce has home on Hannaford shelves

Huffington Post Korea - February 21, 2017:'못생긴 과일, 채소'의 어마무시한 스웨그 25

The Clever Cookstr - February 14, 2017: How Ugly Fruits And Vegetables Can Save The World

The Dirt on Organic Gardening - January 2017: Jordan Figueiredo and the Case for Zero Food Waste

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