AZCentral (Arizona Republic) - April 25, 2018: U.S. grocery stores just got graded on food waste, and only Walmart scored a B

WORT 89.9 FM Madison (Radio) - April 24, 2018: How U.S. Supermarkets Fail to Reduce Food Waste

Care 2 - April 22, 2018: New Report Calls Out Supermarkets for Unacceptable Food Waste

The Spoon - April 20, 2018: Feast Your Eyes on These Weird & Wonderful Instagram Feeds

Eurofruit - April 19, 2018: Supermarkets 'failing to tackle food waste'

The Guardian - April 18, 2018: Americans waste 150,000 tons of food each day – equal to a pound per person

The Daily Meal - April 18, 2018: Walmart Rates Better on Food Waste Than Other Major Supermarkets

Orlando Weekly - April 18, 2018: Study ranks Publix second to last for reducing food waste

WHIO TV7 - April 18, 2018: Here’s how Kroger, Wal-Mart rank for food waste efforts

NowThis News - April 17, 2018: Pretty much every American grocery store is failing to reduce food waste

Store Brands - April 17, 2018: Biggest U.S. grocery retailers score poorly on reducing food waste

Food Dive - April 17, 2018: Report: Large grocers don't make the grade on limiting food waste

Winsight Grocery Business - April 17, 2018: Grocers’ Food Waste Efforts Miss the Mark

Newser - April 17, 2018: US Grocery Stores Graded on Food Waste, and One Gets an 'F'

Supermarket News - April 17, 2018: Supermarkets don’t make grade in reducing food waste

Austin 360 - April 17, 2018: On food waste report card, Walmart scores higher than Whole Foods

Orlando Sentinel - April 17, 2018: Eco groups give Publix poor grade for food waste

Waste 360 - April 17, 2018: Supermarkets are Graded on Their Food Waste Diversion Efforts in a New Report

Fox News - April 17, 2018: Report says Aldi and Publix markets generate most food waste of any U.S grocery stores

NPR - April 16, 2018: Grocery Stores Get Mostly Mediocre Scores On Their Food Waste Efforts

Tampa Bay Times - April 16, 2018: Publix gets ‘D’ grade for reducing food waste

Republica (Spain) - April 16, 2018: Los supermercados de Estados Unidos fracasan a la hora de reducir el desperdicio de alimentos

Retail Leader - April 16, 2018: Retailers' food waste efforts get an 'F'

Dunya Gida (Turkey) - April 6, 2018: Nedir bu çirkin gıdalar?

Stone Pier Press - March 14, 2018: Give ugly veggies a chance

Global Citizen - February 20, 2018:‘Instagram Has Done to Food What Porn Has Done to Sex,’ Says American Celebrity Chef Alton Brown

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