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Image by Farm Share of Florida.


Approximately 23% of all fruits and vegetables are left uneaten in the United States before they even reach grocery stores, leading to billions of pounds of waste each year. However, there is a growing farm to food bank movement to end this. Twelve new programs have started up since 2010 to recover or purchase surplus and “ugly” produce to get it to the more than 46 million food insecure people in the U.S. so these programs need your help and support: 

For starters, please read my recent, first of its kind article for Civil Eats on the growing
U.S. Farm to Food Bank Movement!

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For more details on this movement, check out my unofficial 15 page Farm to Food Bank Report with insights,
​information, and data from over 20 programs.

For information on more than 20 farm to food bank programs in the U.S. click here.