Hewitt's is a family owned and operated farm, located just west of Orillia in Warminster, Ontario, Canada. Ron & Linda Hewitt began farming and selling sweet corn in 1976, and moved to their current location in 1979. The business involves all five Hewitt family members (Ron, Linda, and their three son's Trevor, Adam, and Curtis). The business has expanded over the years to now include a full scale Farm Market & Bakery, a Fun Farm entertainment zone,  over a dozen seasonal Roadside Produce Markets, and a Produce Home Delivery Service. As with all of our work, The Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign is always proud to support farmers and excited to support Hewitt's in their newest venture: ​​


Adam Hewitt wrote KARA'S CARROT as a gift for his daughter to teach her about ugly produce and some life lessons in a fun way. It’s been so successful with her and her friends that he has to offer it for SALE. After he approached the Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign about doing so, I was happy to help Adam in the small way we can by sharing it with you! It certainly helped that once I read the book I immediately fell in love with the story (Adam's and Kara's) and the gorgeous illustrations. Thanks to Adam, a percentage of every book sale goes to support the Ugly Fruit And Veg Campaign. So please consider purchasing this inexpensive one-of-a-kind digital book which also comes with a great coloring book!

FACT - Adam tells me that other adults are enjoying the book as much as the kids too!


​With The Ugly Carrot Club, Adam Hewitt is bringing awareness about how perfectly good, but imperfect fruits & vegetables, are getting thrown away through his book KARA'S CARROT. He grew up on a farm and has been around fruits & vegetables his entire life. 

The story of KARA'S CARROT:

A children's book about a little girl, a big ugly carrot, and a promise that must be kept. It's a heart warming tale with a lesson that beauty isn't only skin deep. The book is a total of 37 pages with 19 beautiful illustrations and is suitable for all ages. Lastly, for such a low price, the book is such a great deal that it also includes a FREE coloring book. Preview the book now right here.

​The Ugly Carrot Club by Hewitt's

introduces kara's carrot - an ugly veg story

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