2016 Was A Great Year For Ugly Produce, click here to read my blog about it.


This is mostly due to strict cosmetic standards from large grocers that dictate exactly how their fruit and veggies should look (just like the example in the image above). This equals about 20 billion pounds of good, healthy produce left uneaten because it doesn’t look pretty! If produce fails to make the grade for size, shape, or color it’s deemed  "ugly" and unsellable. Help us do more about this insanity at our petition page.

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While many might think that bruised or wrinkled produce is "ugly" it is not. Ugly produce is perfectly fresh, nutritious, and delicious produce that looks a little different than the "perfect" stuff you will find in most grocery stores or supermarkets. Ugly produce isn't even really ugly, most of it is beautiful, just a little bit bigger or smaller than the "norm" and sometimes misshapen but very rarely hideous or ugly. What IS ugly is the way that this different produce is being treated all around the world - wasted while so many are food insecure, cannot afford and/or do not eat enough healthy produce. We are changing that here. Join us!

​Want to do more about ugly produce? Read this blog that provides four ways everyone can make a difference!

About 20-40% of Produce is Wasted Worldwide

before it even reaches the grocery store!

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