Click here for a quick 10 reasons to support "ugly" produce.

2016 Was A Great Year For Ugly Produce,click here to read my blog about it.

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WHERE TO BUY WONKY FRUIT & VEG ALL OVER THE WORLD: to raise awareness and support farmers! #UglyIsBeautiful

UGLY FRUIT & VEG - Just as delicious & nutritious, if not more so! Check out the Ugly Fruit & Veg Wall of Fame and retailers selling them at: #UglyIsTasty

So while we have fun, we need action too. As much as 40% of produce is wasted because it's "ugly." #DemandUgly via

Support the new campaign @UglyFruitAndVeg because all produce should be loved & eaten,not wasted! #UglyIsBeautiful


Check out @UglyFruitAndVeg 10: Ten Reasons Why You Should Support Ugly Fruit & Veg. #LowHangingFruit RT Please 

@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 1. As much as 40% of produce goes uneaten because of cosmetic standards @NRDC @UNEP 

@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 2. About 50% of food waste happens before distributors, stores & our plates @FAO 

@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 3. Almost 1 billion are chronically hungry @FAO. Surplus food could feed them @Feeding5k 

@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 4. With 9 billion+ people by 2050 + more  unusable soil, 70% more food is needed @FAO 

@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 5. Approximately 10% of human-made GHGs come from food that is never eaten @Feeding5k 
@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 6. Plant trees on land used to grow wasted food = we offset 50-100% GHGs @Feeding5k 
@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 7. Growth in selling ugly has exploded since the @Intermarche Inglorious campaign. 
@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 8. In a U.K. study, almost half surveyed are interested in buying ugly @Mintelnews 
@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 9 Retailers such as @Sainsburys are committing to sell ugly  and buying ALL fruit & veg 
@UglyFruitAndVeg 10 REASON 10 @Asda starts Beautiful on the Inside w @JamieOliver after finding 75% of shoppers will buy ugly if cheaper 

The #DemandUgly Toolkit

tweets/posts & email messaging to help you #demandugly

Please see below for some links and messaging to help you contact retailers and #DemandUgly Fruit and Veg.  With our collective social pressure, we can make it happen all around the world.  Let's get this Ugly Fruit and Veg and have fun doing it!


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Dear (@RetailersTwitterHandle) please do not waste

as much as 40% of produce because it's imperfect.  

Sell @UglyFruitAndVeg See

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Dear (name of retailer) please start selling cosmetically imperfect produce.  We, your customers, do not want you to waste as much as 40% of all produce just because it looks different.  We love food and know that produce that may look a little different is still delicious and nutritious.  We do not want to see so much good produce go to waste while almost a billion people in the world are food insecure.  For more information on the "ugly" fruit and veg revolution around the world, and why this is so important to everyone, please visit

Thank you for considering this important step towards sustainability and a better, less wasteful, world.


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