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Food rescue has a special place in my heart when it comes to preventing wasted food. There really isn’t anything like food rescue — the act of saving wholesome food that would otherwise go to waste from places like grocery stores, restaurants, markets and dining facilities and getting it to those in need. That is why, I’m declaring my love for the Food Rescue Locator, the most comprehensive directory of U.S. food rescue organizations. You can do the same by sharing the I Heart Food Rescue button (shown below) on your website or on social media to help raise awareness of important food rescue work going on around the country.

Read my blog on this campaign - Declare Your Love For Food Rescue This Valentine's Day. And let’s make sure good extra food goes to feed people, not landfills. Volunteer, donate, and join in the #LoveFoodRescue movement by using the Food Rescue Locator to find organizations to support in your area.

Start a food rescue group at college!


Found out what it's like to start a food rescue group at your college or university! Food Recovery Network is in over 230 schools around the country saving food and preventing waste! I have known the good folks running the network for some time and they are doing truly great work and I can't support them enough. Please click here or above for more!

​The great news is that you can get help to start a group and make a difference in your spare time!