Found out what it's like to start a food rescue group at your college or university! Food Recovery Network is in over 230 schools around the country saving food and preventing waste! Click here or above for more!

Save Food With Creative Cooking

Preventing wasted food in the kitchen can be pretty tasty.  Check out my favorite resource SaveTheFood.com for helpful tips on cooking to save (not waste) food.


Wasted food impacts the planet and wildlife in so many ways. However, there are many things we all can do to stop wasted food and hunger and no action is too small. I have been able to make a good contribution by volunteering my time for the projects you see on this site. You can volunteer or work to end food waste too. Here's some of my favorite ways:


I'll be the first to tell you - petitions work!  Whether it's petitioning a local supermarket to donate their extra food or petitioning a large company to change their wasteful policies, petitions do have an impact.  Find out more about my experience here or start your own petition here for the U.S., here for Canada, or here for Australia.


There are billions upon billions of pounds of good fruits and vegetables going to waste on farms.  Get out there and help get that delicious produce to your home or the homes of others.  Gleaning is so fun and one of the best volunteer experiences you'll ever have. 

​​​Farm to Food Bank Programs

Farms having a huge opportunity to help those in need by donating (or selling at a big discount) their extra produce.  Click here to find out more about this growing U.S. movement.

​​Feed People Delicious Would-Be Wasted Food

One great way to open eyes and get people involved is to feed them would-be wasted food. Check out the first Feeding the 5000 in the U.S. The Feeding the 5000 Oakland, which I managed, was so much fun. You can also check out the Feeding the 5000 Toolkit from the organization that's held them all over the world, Feedback. If a Feeding the 5000 is too much for you at this point, you can always try a Disco Soupe. Let them eat (would-be) waste!

Do Something

to stop wasted food and hunger

Food Rescue

Do you have extra food to donate?  Is your food assistance organization looking for extra food?  Check out this easy resource I developed with Sustainable America and The Food Rescue Alliance - The Food Rescue Locator! If you are a college students and want to get involved and rescue food for those in need you have to read myarticle on the amazing Food Recovery Network!

Store Your Food Right

You might be shocked at how important food storage is in preventing wasted food.  Check out my favorite resource StopFoodWaste.org for helpful tips on food storage.