Five Things To Love The Ugly Produce

it's more than images, it's a real problem that needs you!


1. Buy It and Talk About It at the farmers market, through a home delivery service, at supermarkets, or wherever you can find them. Share your pics @UglyFruitAndVeg on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


2. Ask Your Supermarket to Sell It for a 20-50% discount and educate shoppers too.


3. Get Schools to Buy It and let children have fun eating more produce for less. Teach students that it is what’s on the inside that counts! #KidsLoveUglyFruit


4. Ask Government to Support Farm to Food Bank programs that get hundreds of millions of pounds of extra produce to those in need all around the U.S. each year.


5. Go Farm and Urban Gleaning for those in need (or for yourself!). Ask local farmers how or check out for an urban location near you.