Auchan ​(@AUCHAN_France) started selling uglies, read more about it here.

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables (Les Fruit et Legumes Moches) Intermarche, the 3rd largest retailer in France, made a huge splash in 2014.  So big that several other French and many other retailers around the world followed suit with their own "ugly" offerings.  The impact was fantastic with the second run in the Fall of 2014 as Intermarche had the line in 1,800 stores and sold 2,160 tons of uglies!  Read more about it here and watch a video here or hereand of course demand Intermarche (@Intermarche) bring them back by emailing the store here!

Busted Faces (Les Gueules Cassees) also known as Quoi Ma Gueule? (What You Looking At?) are sold at Monoprix (@Monoprix) and LeClerc all over France starting in Fall of 2014 after the Intermarche sensation got the attention of the entire world.  You can check Les Gueules Cassees (@GueulesCassess) out on their French website here or read more about them in on the French Huffington Post here.