Since the Fall of 2014 I have been speaking all over the U.S. about the work myself and others do to prevent wasted food. I love engaging audiences and inspiring them to do more at home and in the community!


This is where I got my start, where my passion was ignited, and certainly where I was hooked. From industry events like the Zero Food Waste Forum to bring people together to public events like the Feeding the 5000 Oakland to raise awareness, I've been a part of some great events.

​​Social Media

With over 150,000 followers in over 190 countries around the world, I am so fortunate to be able to engage people every day around preventing wasted food. Please join the #Funactivism and share your images with me and the world. #UglyReallyIsBeautiful #LoveTheUgly


There are so many great, inspiring stories in the anti-food waste movement. I'm so grateful to be able to tell these stories for a variety of publications, especially where I "attempted" some writing here and there thanks to the great editing at Civil Eats and Food Tank. Please take a look and share these if you like them. Thanks! 

My Work to End Food Waste

i'm very proud of this work, thank you for visiting!


In April of 2018, my "Ugly" Fruit and Veg Campaign and The Center for Biological Diversity changed the game around supermarket wasted food when we released the first of it's kind supermarket food waste scorecards under the report Checked Out: How U.S. Supermarkets Fail to Make the Grade in Reducing Food Waste. Check IT it out here.