The outpouring of support for "ugly" fruit and veg has been phenomenal.  We truly appreciated everyone who has supported @UglyFruitAndVeg!  As much as 40% of all produce is never eaten because of the way it looks.  Meanwhile, almost a billion people in the world are food insecure and plenty more would love to enjoy some "ugly" delicious and nutritious produce!  Together, we can all end this global scandal!  Please see the sample message below and copy and past it to Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness and action. And, below, you can find just some of the amazing folks that have supported this effort too.  Won't you join us? 

Sample Message: Support @UglyFruitAndVeg because all produce should be loved and eaten, not wasted! #UglyIsBeautiful #GiveUglyAChance

Support The Ugly Fruit And Veg Campaign

Because all produce should be loved & eaten, not wasted!

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Click here for a quick 10 reasons to support "ugly" produce.

2016 Was A Great Year For Ugly Produce,click here to read my blog about it.