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Just as delicious and nutritious, if not more so!

Where Can You Find Ugly Fruit and Veg?

The countries below are those that we know of.  Please click the links below, help us promote, and connect with us @UglyFruitAndVeg on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and We Heart It if you find a new retailer with a great campaign to prevent food waste and sell "uglies."

While there are plenty of farmers markets, small markets, co-ops, and corner stores that have been selling cosmetically imperfect, wonky, or "ugly" fruit and veggies (veg), citizens all over the world want large grocers to sell these fun and delicious produce "uglies."  With that, we started the Ugly Fruit And Veg Campaign on Twitter, Facebook, We Heart It and Instagram to rally the public to demand Ugly Fruit and Veg at major retailers the world over.  Do not wait for this to happen while at least 20% of all produce is wasted just because of it's size, shape, color, or appearance!

Want to do more about ugly produce? Read my blog for tips!